Police: Man used baseball bat in Fairview Twp. assault

  • A Fairview Township man is accused of assaulting a man with a bat, according to police.
  • Police say Jonatan Ortiz-Davila kicked down an apartment door and assaulted the man.
  • Ortiz-Davila remains free on $30,000 bail.

A Fairview Township man is accused of beating a man with an aluminum baseball bat last month, according to charging documents.

Fairview Township Police say Jonathan Ortiz-Davila entered an apartment in the township on June 18 and assaulted the man who lived there, causing multiple injuries.

When police spoke with Ortiz-Davila, he told them he "did what he did" after seeing a domestic dispute between the victim and the victim's wife — whom Ortiz-Davila was having a relationship with, court documents allege.

Jonathan Ortiz-Davila

Police charged Ortiz-Davila with aggravated assault, burglary, criminal trespass and simple assault.

Dispute: Police were sent to an apartment in the 200 block of Old York Road about 1:45 a.m. for a report of a burglary.

When police arrived, the man who lived in the apartment was bleeding from multiple contusions on his face and his right arm had a large red abrasion, documents allege.

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Police said the man accused his wife of arranging to have someone break into the apartment and beat him.

According to charging documents, the victim's wife told police the two were having a dispute that became physical, and they separated into different rooms. 

Knock on door: After the two separated, someone knocked on the door, and police say the victim answered.

His wife then went to the door, but no one was there, according to court documents.

The victim's wife said she went back into the bedroom and heard a loud bang, documents state. She came running out of the bedroom and saw her husband in the kitchen and saw a "large-chested" man wearing dark clothing and a red mask run out of the apartment, police said.

The victim told police the man, later identified as Ortiz-Davila, had knocked at the door about 1 a.m., court documents allege. He said Ortiz-Davila had asked for his wife, police said.

The man told police that his wife went outside and spoke to Ortiz-Davila briefly before coming back inside, but he said he could not understand what they were saying, documents state.

When his wife came back inside, the two began arguing over who Ortiz-Davila was, police said. During the argument, the man threw a fan at his wife and she hit him in the head with a bottle, causing him to bleed, police said.

The two then separated, court documents state.

Police say the victim went into the kitchen, and Ortiz-Davila kicked in the front door and attacked him with a baseball bat.

The man was struck in the legs, arms and body numerous times with the bat, and Ortiz-Davila also punched him in the face, court documents state.

Ortiz-Davila had his face covered in a red cloth, documents state.

After Ortiz-Davila left, police say, the victim said his wife cleaned up the blood even after he asked her to call 911. He said he was certain she knew who attacked him, police said.

Investigation: Investigators searched the wife's phone and found a message sent to her on June 17 that held a photo album that indicated the wife and Ortiz-Davila were in a relationship, police said.

Ortiz-Davila matched the description of the attacker, documents state.

On Wednesday, police spoke with Ortiz-Davila's mother, who confirmed that her son is in a relationship with the victim's wife and that her son got into a fight with the victim, police said.

She said Ortiz-Davila told her about the fight and that they stayed at a Motel 6 for a few days following the incident, documents state.

On Thursday, police spoke with Ortiz-Davila, who acknowledged being involved in the incident, documents state. He said he received a phone call from the victim's wife that night and that he went to the home and knocked on the door but never went inside, police said.

Ortiz-Davila said that not long after, he saw there was a dispute between the two and so he "did what he did," charging documents state.

Ortiz-Davila then directed police to the bat he used, police said. Officials also found a red fleece mask he used during the incident, court documents allege.

Ortiz-Davila was arraigned on the charges at central booking Thursday night. He remains free after posting $30,000 bail, according to the York County Sheriff's Office.

A phone number for him could not be found, and it is unclear if he has an attorney.

His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. July 20 at District Judge Scott Gross' office.

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