Glen Rock residents used to hearing taps every day at 8 p.m. will have to get used to hearing it once a week.

Glen Rock Borough Councilman Joshua Corney, who used to play taps nightly from speakers at his home, said Monday he will follow the council's instructions and only play taps every Sunday and on certain holidays.

“I am going to come in compliance with what the council had agreed with as far as playing only on Sundays and holidays until such time as I am able to take this back to the council and fight," he said.

Corney, a lieutenant commander in the Navy, has been playing taps through speakers outside his Glen Avenue home for the past two years.

He has said he told himself that if he made it home safe and sound from deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, he would play taps daily.

On June 21, the council voted to limit the amount times he could play taps from his property. However, Corney was not at the meeting because of reconstructive knee surgery, and he said he did not find out about the decision until two days later.

Response: An online petition was started for the issue, and as of Monday afternoon it had collected close to 1,000 signatures. Corney said he would have to narrow the petition down to just Glen Rock residents before potentially presenting at it at the next council meeting.

He also said some residents have agreed to go door-to-door collecting signatures of Glen Rock residents.

“Here in the next day or two we should see the paper signatures increasing,” he said.

Corney said he is going to try to bring the taps issue up at the next meeting. He said he asked to put it on the agenda for the July 19 meeting but said he hasn't gotten a response. He also suggested having a special meeting for the issue.

In addition to the online petition, a Facebook group was set up to support his cause. Nearly 400 people have joined the group since Friday. A GoFundMe page also was set up to help with any legal fees he might incur.

“From what I see on our Facebook and the petition signing, the community — not just here in Glen Rock —  is in full support,” he said.

On Sunday, Corney played taps for the first time under the council's new direction. He said he saw some of his supporters come out in front of his home to hear it.

Corney said he had never seen a gathering at his house for taps before.

He said he has received responses from people all over the country.

“The word’s definitely getting out," he said.

The next borough council meeting is 7 p.m. July 19.

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