New Freedom man leads team in 'Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge'

As an independent contractor, Tyler McCredie isn't used to working with a team.

But in April, the 24-year-old New Freedom resident was tasked with leading a team of four people through a half-mile Spartan obstacle course as part of NBC's "Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge."

Tyler McCredie, of New Freedom, competes in Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge, on NBC. Photo by: Mark Hill/NBC

In the show, McCredie helped his team, Kid Courage, compete against six other teams with the goal of winning $250,000.

“Just the way the obstacles are — they really challenge you," McCredie said.

The show, now in its second season, premiered this past Monday, and McCredie's episode is set to air Monday.

Show: McCredie described the show's course as "intense."

He said he once ran a 30-mile race and that the half-mile obstacle course on the show was harder than that.

“Running 30 miles was a lot easier than running that little half-mile," he said.

McCredie said he was surprised at how vocal he was with his team, adding that he deferred many of the obstacles to the teammate who was able to handle them the best.

"Instead of leading from the front, I led from behind," he said.

McCredie said he stayed in the back and tried to push those who might be behind.

“I didn’t need to be up front hogging all the camera action," he said.

According to NBC, the obstacles range from rope climbs to crawling through cold, wet mud.

“You didn’t have time to recover," McCredie said.

He remembered doing one obstacle with a 650-pound tire swing where the contestants had to swing the tire then vault from it over water to make it to the other side.

"That gave a lot of people trouble," he said.

Other challenge: In addition to the grueling obstacles, McCredie faced a different challenge.

His girlfriend, Alex Sawicki, 24, of Philadelphia, was a leader of another team, the Wonder Women.

"We're always racing our own races, (before the show)," he said, adding that the two never got to race against each other before. 

McCredie said the two were used to cheering each other on during their respective races, but this time it was a little different.

“Now it’s like, I want her to do well — but I also want to beat her," he said.

Competition: Spartan Race is holding more than 200 races in 30 countries this year, with each course featuring a variety of obstacles.

McCredie, who grew up in the York area, was selected to join the show after he did well in Spartan Races throughout the country. Once NBC contacted him, he was asked to submit a video of himself to them for approval.

In the past 2½ years, McCredie competed in more than 72 Spartan Races, including races with obstacle courses that often include prize money. 

McCredie said in the past year he has done 42 of them, and he came in first place once, second place four times and third place three times.

McCredie said he was happy he participated in the show.

“It’s definitely one of the top five experiences of my life," he said.

The show airs at 10 p.m. Mondays on NBC.

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