York City homicide a 'GVI' event

Christopher Dornblaser

The homicide of a York City man May 28 was deemed to be a "Group Violence Initiative" event, according to police.

According to a news release from York City Police,  the homicide of Edwin Pacheco-Ruiz, 29, who was shot three times May 28 while driving his vehicle in the 700 block of East Princess Street, is a GVI event, which prompted several law-enforcement actions.


The premise of the initiative, offered through the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, is that a very small number of people in any city perpetrate the vast majority of violent crimes. So to reduce violent crime, law enforcement has to identify and target that small group of people who are often involved in gangs or the drug trade or both. Those targeted then carry the message back to their associates.

The GVI event prompted traffic enforcement, probation visits, search warrants and bar checks as part of the response. Police say Willie Peterson, 30, of York City, shot and killed Pacheco-Ruiz.

York City Police were assisted by York County Probation, The Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Liquor Control Enforcement.

During the effort, officials made contact with 56 people, arrested 13 people, served three warrants and gave out five traffic citations and eight traffic warnings, police said.

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