First West Nile Virus mosquito sample reported

Staff report

State officials have reported the first positive West Nile Virus mosquito sample in York County in 2017.

West Nile virus is often found in open containers left in backyards.

The Department of Environmental Protection Vector Management found a sample collected  May 18 in Lower Windsor Township by Penn State Extension tested positive for the virus, according to a news release.

The presence of mosquitoes in residential areas come from open containers left outside, according to the release. Containers as small as a water bottle or as large as a swimming pool have the potential for shallow water, which easily attracts mosquitoes, the release states.

Other items commonly left outside during the summer, such as tires, buckets and tarps, pose a risk of  increasing the population of mosquitoes, according to the release, as well as increasing the likelihood of infected water.

Any mosquito concerns can be reported on the Pennsylvania West Nile Virus website at

For more information on mosquitoes, visit the Penn State Extension York website at