Northeastern Regional Police are still looking for a suspect after an early morning shooting in Manchester borough on Sunday left one person with several injuries.

Sometime after 1 a.m., Caleb Wilson III of York City was coming up from the basement toward the kitchen of a home on Barberry Court in Manchester  when he fell back after being hit by a bullet that was shot from outside, according to Northeastern Regional Lt. Howard Daniels.

Daniels said police believe two shots were fired, with one hitting the siding of the house and the other penetrating the house and striking Wilson.

According to Daniels, Wilson sustained wounds in his face, neck and shoulder from the lone bullet.

A Facebook post by Northeastern Regional Police cited reports of a possible argument between attendants of a party being held at the home as the cause of the shooting.

No suspect has been identified or arrested as of Monday afternoon, Daniels said.

Wilson was taken to Memorial Hospital by a friend in a private vehicle and was later transported to the York Hospital trauma center to undergo surgery. Daniels said Wilson  was expected to speak with investigators Monday.

Daniels said he does not know why police or EMS were not called.

“There were 30 to 40 people in that house, and neighbors didn’t call either,” he said. “None of them complained.”

He said investigators were “busy trying to find people and track them down” Monday in connection with the shooting.

Northeastern Regional Police is asking anyone with information about the shooting to contact them at 717-266-6195 ext 109. Tips can be made anonymously.

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