Property manager suing York Housing Authority

Christopher Dornblaser

A property manager at York Housing Authority is suing the authority, saying she was discriminated against because of her race, sex and age, according to a complaint filed earlier this month.

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The authority manages all the public housing and Section 8 housing in the city and does the same for the county under an agreement that dates back to the 1970s.

According to the complaint, Sandra Harrison, a 59-year-old black woman, was looked over for promotions by previous leaders at the authority, compared to other employees who were white, male and under the age of 50.

The complaint alleges former public housing director Shelley Peterson and former executive director Craig Zunbrum regularly harassed Harrison. Zunbrum left the position last year, and Peterson left hers in 2013, according to the complaint.

Harrison is seeking about $200,000 in compensation, the complaint states.

Current executive director Regina Mitchell said Wednesday that the authority cannot make any public statements on litigation.

Harrison's attorney, Sandra Thompson, did not immediately return a voicemail seeking comment.

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Complaint: Harrison wrote in the complaint that she was qualified for her job and for the promotions she sought and that she had vast knowledge of regulations and the programs that the authority administered.

She wrote that she had managed various properties since 1987 before taking the job with the housing authority in 2006.

The complaint also states that since March 2012, Harrison was treated "more adverse" in compensation, terms, conditions, benefits and privileges of employment than similarly situated white employees.

Additionally, Harrison was "regularly and pervasively" harassed by Peterson, Zunbrum and employees who reported to them, according to the complaint.

Peterson, Zunbrum and Donald Moul, controller for the authority, modified reports to create a negative false impression of Harrison's performance, she wrote.

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According to a complaint, in October 2013, the position of interim lead manager was given to another property manager. When Harrison expressed interest in the full position, Zunbrum said that the authority would hold interviews, the complaint states.

Harrison was never interviewed or notified of the interviews, and the person who was the interim manager was given the permanent position in April 2014,  according to the complaint.

Some of Harrison's staff was intentionally reassigned to the lead manager to make up for his lack of experience, skill and knowledge, Harrison wrote.

Additionally, Harrison was assigned to the units that are referred to as "ghetto" by someone in the authority, the complaint states. The complaint does not indicate who used the term "ghetto."

Harrison and Thompson requested a jury trial.

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