Pools in York County set to open this weekend

Christopher Dornblaser

Memorial Day weekend will once again serve the York County community as the unofficial start to the pool season this year, despite the potential for less-than-ideal weather.

Russ Jacobs sweeps the splash pad as he prepares for the season opener Saturday at Green Valley Swimming Pool & Sports Club, 1725 Poplars Rd in West Manchester Township, Wednesday, May 24, 2017. The membership swim club features three pools, batting cages, basketball courts and more. John A. Pavoncello photo

On Saturday, multiple public swimming pools will be opening to kick off the season, however, some of the pools' owners aren't holding their breath for nice weather.

As of Wednesday, AccuWeather is forecasting a high of 76 degrees Saturday and a high of 79 degrees with possible showers for Memorial Day.

Weather: Kent Jacobs, owner of Lincolnway Swimming Pool and Sports Club in West Manchester Township, said he's hoping for good weather for the start of the season.

“Well, typically Monday would be a busy day if the weather held out,” he said.

Jacobs said last season was good for his business. He said the hot weather brought people to the pools.

“I think as long as the weather’s nice, people are going to come — if that’s what fits their schedule," he said.

Lincolnway, located at 4321 Zimmerman Drive, opens Saturday at noon.

Russ Jacobs, owner of Green Valley Swimming Pool and Sports Club, also in West Manchester Township, said he's not anticipating a big opening weekend.

"It won't be a record-breaker by any stretch," he said.

Like Kent Jacobs, Russ Jacobs said the weather plays a big factor in the attendance.

“Hot weather makes warm water, and everybody comes in the pool," he said.

Green Valley, located at 1725 Poplars Road, opens at noon Saturday.

Willie Turner, owner of the Pine Ridge Swim Club in Springettsbury Township, said he's hoping for a big turnout over the holiday weekend. Like the other two owners, he had reservations about the weather.

“Monday hopefully will be really big — Monday's usually a big day,” Turner said.

He said he hopes there isn't any rain on the weekend.

“We need those 90-degree days like we had a week ago," he said.

Pine Ridge Swim Club, located at 2454 Pleasant View Drive, opens at 11 a.m. Saturday.

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