Local police warn of caller ID 'spoofing'

Christopher Dornblaser, 505-5436/@YDDornblaser

West Manheim Township Police are warning of a scam in which individuals are able to display incorrect caller ID information on someone's phone.


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According to police, a resident reported Friday that she received a call from an unknown number telling her she still owed $300 on an old loan.

The caller "aggressively sought payment," even though the resident never took out the loan, police said.


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She refused to pay or provide personal information, police said, and the caller then threatened to send out the "local sheriff" to collect the money or arrest her.

Not long after, she received two calls where the caller ID displayed a legitimate number for the York County Sheriff's Office. The calls were not from the sheriff's office but were the scammers using caller ID "spoofing," police said.


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The victim from Friday's call was not fooled and did not lose any money.

Caller ID spoofing is a technology that allows scammers to display any phone number they want to appear on the victim's caller ID. Police say this entices victims into answering the phone and adds credibility to the scam.

Scammers will replicate numbers with local area codes, local law enforcement, well-known companies and even the victim's own phone number.

Police say they can rarely trace these numbers to recover potential losses.

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