A suspected grill fire damaged the back of a Dover Township home and destroyed a resident's recently purchased wedding flowers.

Dover Township Fire Lt. Cale Ladchaw said the fire in the 3000 block of Fox Chase Drive damaged three units in the two-story connected duplex. He said officials suspect it started from a grill.

Flowers: Danielle Warren said she was coming home from lunch when she received a call from a fire official who said her home had caught fire.

“I just pulled into our road and there was a lot of fire trucks, and it scared me a lot," she said.

The fire was contained to the back of the residence, which Ladchaw said took firefighters about 10 minutes to accomplish.

“It pretty much burned away the whole back of our house and our porch and everything that was on our porch," Warren said. "Including flowers that we just bought for our wedding.”

Her wedding is scheduled for July 15, she said. She bought plants Saturday and planned to plant them in the backyard, then cut the blooms to use in the wedding.

Ladchaw said fire officials saw smoke as soon as they turned onto Fox Run Drive from Carlisle Road.


A suspected grill fire leaves bride-to-be flowerless.

“It was a pretty decent column of smoke,” he said. He did not have a damage estimate immediately available.

The lieutenant said the residences are still livable. No injuries were reported.

— Reach Christopher Dornblaser at or on Twitter at @YDDornblaser. Staff photographer Dawn Sagert contributed to this report.

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