Missing Hanover-area teen case headed to York County court

Christopher Dornblaser, 505-5436/@YDDornblaser
  • The Maryland man accused of a hiding a Hanover-area teen waived his preliminary hearing on Thursday.
  • He waived it under the notion that his case would not be handed to federal authorities.
  • His formal arraignment is scheduled for June 16.

The Maryland man accused of hiding a Hanover-area teen last month is facing trial in the York County Court of Common Pleas.

On Thursday, Richard J. Hood Jr., 24, waived his right to a preliminary hearing at District Judge James Miner's office in Penn Township.

Hood is charged with the third-degree felony of concealment of the whereabouts of a child and the first-degree misdemeanor of corruption of a minor. West Manheim Township Police have said Hood hid 16-year-old Madison Krumrine in his home, despite police searching it multiple times.


Police are searching for Madison Krumrine, 16, of Hanover. She was last seen Thursday night. Photo courtesy West Manheim Township Police Department.

Potential for no trial: While Hood waived his right to a preliminary hearing, and his case is now transferred to the common pleas court, early indications show that Hood might not have to go to trial. 

"Let's just say we're in discussion with the commonwealth that will allow a resolution without a trial," Hood's attorney Steve Rice said after the hearing.

During the hearing, Rice said that Hood waived his right to a preliminary hearing with the notion that he would not be found guilty of a charge greater than a third-degree felony, that he would only face probation as a sentence and that the case would not be handed over to federal authorities.

Police: Missing teen left note, was found in south Maryland

Typically federal sentencing is harsher than local sentencing.

Deputy prosecutor Alissa Cardenas confirmed that was the case during the hearing.

Outside the courtroom, the Krumrine family declined comment.

Hood's formal arraignment is scheduled for 9 a.m. June 16 in front of Judge Harry Ness.

Attorney says his client was trying to help runaway Madison

Background: Local police and U.S. Marshals found Madison on March 28 hiding under a pile of clothing in Hood's bedroom inside his 29587 Jennifer Drive home in Mechanicsville, St. Mary's County, charging documents state.

Madison's father, Keith Krumrine, called police March 24 to report his daughter missing, saying he'd last seen her the night of March 23, police said.

The teen had left a note in her room that read, in part, "I'm running away — I'm sorry — I'll be OK," according to documents, which state Madison had run away in January but was quickly found by police. She'd left her cellphone in her bedroom.

Investigators learned that Madison had been communicating with Hood in January via the Internet and that she told Hood she was 18 years old, documents state.

Keith Krumrine called Hood when he learned of the communication and informed him of Madison's age and warned Hood to stay away from her, police said.

Instead, Hood took Madison to Maryland on March 3, police allege — about three weeks before she ran away.

After Madison ran away, her father called Hood on March 24 and demanded to know her whereabouts, telling Hood police were going to his home. But Hood denied knowing where Madison was, documents state.

The same day, sheriff's deputies in St. Mary's County searched Hood's home but didn't find Madison, police said.

Still no sign of missing Hanover teen

West Manheim Township investigators called Hood on March 25 and repeatedly told him he would be arrested if he was hiding Madison, but Hood again insisted he didn't know where she was, according to documents.

Members of the U.S. Marshals Service searched Hood's home again on March 28 and found Madison's Bible, but Hood still denied knowing where she was, according to police.

Missing Hanover-area teen found

"At no time during the three hours plus (that) marshals were at the defendant's residence did he reveal (Madison) was there, nor did (Madison) seek assistance or reveal her presence," documents state.

Marshals searched the home again the same day, which is when they found Madison hiding under a pile of clothing in Hood's bedroom, according to charging documents.

She had cut and dyed her hair using hair dye bought by Hood, according to police, who also allege Hood bought the teen a prepaid cellphone she could use to communicate with him. Hood picked up Madison the night of March 23 and took her to his home, according to police.

Missing Hanover-area teen found

But fearing police would find her, Hood took her to a friend's house, where she stayed in a vehicle for two nights, documents allege.

After she was found, Madison was interviewed by authorities in York County and said she voluntarily left home and had previously lied to her parents about her whereabouts so she could secretly meet with Hood, documents state.

While Madison was missing, hundreds of community volunteers searched West Manheim Township on foot in an effort to find her.

At the time, Keith Krumrine told the media it was as if his daughter "disappeared off the face of the earth."

Hood remains free on $10,000 unsecured bail.

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