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York College confident in resolving accreditation issue

Junior Gonzalez
  • York College received a warning last June from an accrediting agency citing "insufficient evidence" of a requirement.
  • After a visit from officials, York College believes accreditation will be reaffirmed.

York College officials are confident a warning issued by an accrediting agency last June will be resolved in the coming months, according to the college’s spokeswoman.

The issue arose last June when the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, a regional nonprofit accrediting agency, gave York College a formal warning that its accreditation status could be “in jeopardy” because of “insufficient evidence” that the college was in compliance with one of its 14 standards.

The standard in question, Standard 7, states a qualifying institution has “developed and implemented an assessment process that evaluates its overall effectiveness in achieving its mission and goals and its compliance with accreditation standards."

York College had until March 1 to submit a report, which would be followed by a visit from a group of Middle States staff.

College spokeswoman Mary Dolheimer confirmed that the college submitted additional evidence to Middle States in early March. Representatives from Middle States visited the campus March 27-29, according to Dolheimer.

“They spoke favorably of our work,” Dolheimer said in an email.

She reiterated that the warning did not declare the college was out of compliance on the standard but that Middle States officials “haven’t received sufficient evidence” that the college met the standard.

Dolheimer added retrospectively that the study of the accreditation, which is completed collaboratively by students and staff at the college, had “perhaps better and more efficient ways” to be completed.

“We have also used this opportunity to make some changes to our procedures so that we meet the current norms of good practice in the field of assessment,” Dolheimer said.

In a phone interview, she added that York College President Pamela Gunter-Smith “indicated great confidence” in the college’s prospects to have the warning lifted.

York College expects to receive a formal response from Middle States in June, according to Dolheimer.