Officials warn of 'Can you hear me now?' scam

Christopher Dornblaser

Don't answer if someone you don't know calls and asks "Can you hear me now?"

It's likely not someone paying homage to the old Verizon commercials that used the same question but actually a scam, according to a fraud alert from the York County Elder Abuse Task Force.

Officials say scammers are calling people, asking "Can you hear me now?" and recording the "yes" response to use later for fraudulent purchases. The speaker might also mention a malfunctioning headset.

While the person on the other line might sound real, they are most likely robocalls used to trick the person answering the phone, according to the fraud alert.

Officials are advising anyone receiving these calls not to answer the question and hang up instead. They should contact their phone provider and ask about blocking unwanted calls, as well as ask about being added to a do not call registry.

Those who receive a call are advised to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Responding in any way to the calls might lead to more robocalls, according to the alert.

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