Chief deputy recorder of deeds running for top job

Daugherty has served as chief deputy for nearly seven years and is running to succeed his colleague Randi Reisinger.

Junior Gonzalez
  • Chief Deputy Recorder Brad Daugherty has held the office for nearly seven years.
  • Daugherty is looking to succeed Recorder Randi Reisinger, who will retire at year's end.

The chief deputy at the York County Recorder of Deeds Office is looking to succeed his boss, who is retiring and not seeking re-election this year.

Brad Daugherty

Brad Daugherty, a Republican, has served as chief deputy for nearly seven years and was a title abstractor for more than 30 years at Colonial Valley Abstracting Co. in York City.

Ron Miller, an auditor with the state Auditor General's Office, recently announced his candidacy for the position. He is also running as a Republican.

Endorsement: Recorder of Deeds Randi Reisinger has endorsed Daugherty, saying, “I think Brad has the knowledge (from) working here over the past few years. If he wins the election, I think that he would grow on continuing technology for the future at the recorder’s office.”

Reisinger has been the recorder of deeds for 15 years and has spent 38 years in the office.

“I had someone tell me that I’ll know when it’s time to go," Reisinger said. "And they’re right. You do know, and it’s time.”

Reisinger said leaving the office is bittersweet.

“I will miss it,” she said. “You can’t be somewhere for 38 years without loving it.”

Daugherty cites the close working relationship that he and Reisinger have.

“I’m lucky enough that Randi takes me to all recorder of deeds meetings. You get to talk to people in other counties about the job,” he said.

Among those endorsing him, Daugherty said, is Matthew Jansen, a Spring Grove Area school board member and delegate to last year’s Republican National Convention.

Jansen has been in the news recently for leaving an outraged voicemail last year criticizing a local reverend during the Islamic holiday of Ramadan and a recent tweet that included a slur for Hispanics. Jansen later claimed the recent tweet was the result of someone hacking his account.

Daugherty stands by Jansen’s endorsement, calling him “very knowledgeable within the Republican Party” and noting his support as a Republican delegate for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

“What Matt says, that’s his business, but he knows how to run a campaign,” Daugherty said.

'Few changes': Daugherty would like to see a few changes if he assumes the office. He cites waste in mailing back forms after having documents recorded as one of them.

“We keep [the document] for three weeks and we require a stamped envelope from the customer to send it back to them,” he said.

Daugherty said that electronic scanning removes the need for having to keep and send back documents, which saves productivity time and postage costs.

He is unsure of who would succeed him as chief deputy recorder.

“If I’m fortunate enough to win this election, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there," he said.

The primary election for recorder of deeds and other local offices is May 16.