Man caught driving 22 times without license loses appeal

The Associated Press

ERIE, Pa. - A state court panel says a Pennsylvania man caught driving without a license 22 times got the punishment he deserved.

Randy Stallsmith had claimed that his 3- to 6-month prison term was excessive for driving offense No. 22 in 2015. He pleaded guilty to driving without a license. reports a state Superior Court panel upheld the sentence, saying the 49-year-old Erie County man’s past behavior sank his appeal.

Stallsmith appealed to the Superior Court because a county judge wouldn’t allow him to serve his time on work release.

Stallsmith argued he should’ve received a lighter sentence since he took responsibility for his actions.

The panel agreed with the county judge, saying with 22 offenses already on his record, Stallsmith “provided no indication that his aberrant conduct would cease.”