Dallastown residents asked to conserve water

  • Dallastown borough residents are asked to limit water use while officials work to locate and repair a leak.
  • It is unknown when the advisory will be lifted.

Dallastown residents are being encouraged to limit their water use as the Dallastown-Yoe Water Authority continues work on a water main break.


Water authority and borough manager Connie Stokes said the problem started Wednesday. A voluntary water conservation notice is now active as officials try to find and repair a break around Park Street.

The York Water Company and the Red Lion Municipal Authority have provided additional support. So far, officials have found one leak but are unsure of the extent of the damage or the length of time it will take to be repaired.

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“We have guys working around the clock in shifts,” Stokes said.

To help conserve water, residents are temporarily being asked to take shorter showers or baths and limit the use of dishwashers and washing machines.

Stokes said water quality is not compromised.