New Hispanic center to serve Christmas dinner

Jason Addy

A new Hispanic community organization will take its initial steps into the community-service sector Saturday night, when it opens its doors to about 500 people for Christmas dinner.

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Doors of Salvation Community Development will host the dinner at their building at 325 Mulberry St., serving up a holiday dinner with Hispanic flair, said Priscilla Mitchell, the organization’s director of operations.

Diners will be served roasted pork, turkey, yellow rice with pigeon peas, fresh greens and macaroni salad to go with holiday pastries, Mitchell said.

Many of the 500 or so diners are from the Hispanic community and heard about the dinner from their churches or neighbors, Mitchell said.

The Christmas dinner is the first official event for Doors of Salvation, as its members try to spread the word of who they are and what the organization is about, Mitchell said.

Doors of Salvation took over the old Tristate Electrical Supply Co. factory and renovated the property to function as a community center geared toward York City’s Hispanic and Spanish-American communities, Mitchell said, though everyone in the city is welcome to participate in the organization’s programs.

The 26,000-square-foot building will serve as a community senior center beginning next spring, while also hosting before- and after-school child care programs for low-income families once the organization receives its state license in mid-January, Mitchell said.

Mitchell said she is working closely with York City Mayor Kim Bracey — who will be at the dinner — to identify revenue sources and state-funding opportunities to expand the organization’s programming to include a food pantry and other social services.

By Christmastime next year, Mitchell said, she hopes the organization can be helping more than 1,000 people through various programs and services.