Yorkers continue rallying, see positive reaction

Christopher Dornblaser, 505-5436/@YDDornblaser

On Thursday afternoon, motorists driving by Continental Square in York City saw a familiar sight. 

About eight people stood at the corner holding up signs once again promoting unity among the York population. The rallies have been in response to the hate and racism reported not only in York County but around the country.

Thursday's was the fourth such event in the weeks since the Nov. 8 election, and organizers said they were seeing positive reactions for their efforts.

Yorkers march for unity

Rally response: While previous rallies have had bigger turnouts, local activist John Beck, of York City, who helped organize the rallies, was not deterred. He said there is always a need to get the positive message out. He said even if there were no major issues happening lately, the group would still likely be out spreading the message.

"I really do think that we would do this anyway," he said.

Tony Strouse, of Dover, who also helped organize the rallies, shared similar thoughts.

"All we got is positivity," Strouse said.

Beck has been helping to organize the rallies for the last few weeks, and he said he's been seeing positive results. Beck and his activist efforts were the subject of a video by a York College student, and the video was posted on Facebook. Since then, the video has reached nearly 8,000 views.

He said many people watching the video or seeing posts or articles detailing his efforts are asking how they can help.

From left, Peter Arinsberg, 10, of York City, Tony Strouse, of Dover and Mary Wine, of Spring Garden Township hold up signs ahead of a unity walk Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016 at Continental Square. Amanda J. Cain photo

"We've been getting a tremendous amount of support," he said.

Strouse said the reaction to their activism has been seen more "in the moment." During their rallies, various motorists driving by would either honk their horns or yell something out in solidarity.

"I really haven't noticed it until we're doing it," Strouse said.

Kari Delaney, of Jacobus, joined Beck and Strouse during the rally Thursday. Delaney, who had been at some of the previous rallies, commended the efforts of those who have helped spread the message.

"It's a safe place for everyone's voice to be heard," Delaney said.

Beck said they hope to continue holding more unity rallies.

Yorkers continue rallying for unity

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