Police: Man forced to sign up for store credit

Christopher Dornblaser
  • A Lower Windsor Twp. man is accused of forcing a man to sign up for store credit.
  • The man thought Dominique Bruce Kendrick-Majors had a gun, according to police.
  • Kendrick-Majors remains in York County Prison in lieu of $20,000 bail.

A Lower Windsor Township man remains in York County Prison after police say he forced an acquaintance to sign up for credit cards and make various purchases.

Dominique Bruce Kendrick-Majors, 22, of 228 Red Front Road, is charged with robbery, coercing to commit a crime, terroristic threats and theft, according to charging documents.

Lower Windsor Township Police allege Kendrick-Majors called a friend to his home and forced the man to drive him to various places and buy things or sign up for credit cards. The man allegedly thought Kendrick-Majors had a gun, but it was discovered to be just a screwdriver, according to police.

Allegations:  About 8 p.m. Nov. 11, Kendrick-Majors called the man to his home under the pretense that he had left something in the man's car, police allege. When the man arrived at Kendrick-Majors' residence, Kendrick-Majors got in the front passenger seat and told the man he had a gun and would "pull the trigger" and "end his life for good," if the man didn't do what Kendrick-Majors asked, police said.

"(The man) said Dominique had his hand behind his seat like he had something," the officer wrote in charging documents.

Kendrick-Majors instructed the man to drive to an ATM to "pull out all of the money" in the man's account, police said. The transaction couldn't be completed, and Kendrick-Majors asked the man to drive to both a Wal-Mart and a Target in the area, documents state. While there, Kendrick-Majors told the man to open store credit in his name, according to police.

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Since the accounts were not ready to be used, Kendrick-Majors asked the man to drive back to his home, where they stayed for about an hour before returning to Wal-Mart, according to police. At Wal-Mart, Kendrick-Majors made the man buy a $50 gift card, which was taken to a Giant to be placed in a machine and exchanged for cash, according to charging documents.

The two made a brief stop at McDonald's before once again returning to Wal-Mart, where police say the man bought a PlayStation 4. They tried to take the PS4 to a pawn shop, but police said Kendrick-Majors was unsatisfied with the money he would get from it and went to Wal-Mart to return it.

Their attempt at returning the PS4 at Wal-Mart was unsuccessful because, police say, Kendrick-Majors did not have a receipt for it.

Leaving: The two left the store, and Kendrick-Majors tried to get the man to buy another PS4, but the man protested, according to documents. That caused Kendrick-Majors to become angry, according to police.

Dominique Kendrick-Majors

"He said Dominique told him he was going to shoot him if he didn't do what he said and also told him he would send a friend to (the man's) residence to do crazy things,'" documents state.

The two were outside the man's car when the man realized the driver's-side door was open but the passenger-side door was not. He got in the car and started to drive off, which police say caused Kendrick-Majors to punch the car. The man also found out that what he thought was a gun was actually a black-and-yellow screwdriver, according to police.

The man told police he was afraid of Kendrick-Majors and did not want to make the purchases or open the accounts. He said he had not talked to Kendrick-Majors since.

Kendrick-Majors was arraigned on the charges Nov. 21 at central booking, according to online court records. A central booking supervisor confirmed Friday night that Kendrick-Majors was sent to York County Prison in lieu of $20,000 bail.

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