Police: Red Lion man struck man on head with hammer

Christopher Dornblaser, 505-5436/@YDDornblaser
  • A Red Lion man, Eric Hamme, is accused of striking a man with a hammer and causing serious injury.
  • Police say the victim required immediate surgery.
  • Hamme remains free on $7,500 bail, with the condition of no contact with the victim.

A Red Lion man is accused of hitting another man on the head with a hammer, hospitalizing him, according to state police.

Eric Benjamin Hamme, 34, of 425 N. Franklin St., Apt. 5, is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, tampering with evidence and harassment, according to charging documents. 

About 5:30 a.m. Nov. 16, troopers were sent to Hamme's residence for a report of attempted burglary. When they arrived, blood could be seen outside the apartment building on the sidewalk, porch and front door, and inside the apartment on the staircase, walls, stairs and railings, police said. An investigation showed no burglary had occurred there, according to police.

When police spoke with Hamme at the scene, they said he told them he got into a physical altercation with the victim. He said he punched the man and kicked him down the stairs, state police allege. Hamme told police he then hit the victim in the head with a hammer, causing a skull fracture, documents state.

According to charging documents, the victim went to the apartment building to see a woman who is in a relationship with Hamme. The victim told troopers that while he was standing outside the apartment, he was struck from behind by Hamme with what he believed was a hammer, police said.

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The victim was taken to York Hospital for head trauma, and police say personnel told troopers there that the victim's injuries were severe, and required immediate surgery. The victim also suffered a serious hand injury, according to police.

Police also said that before they arrived on the scene, Hamme tried cleaning the blood off the hammer in the kitchen sink. The hammer was placed in a black book bag and put in a closet, documents state. He also tried wiping up the blood on the staircase, police said.

Hamme was arraigned on the charges at central booking Nov. 16. A central booking supervisor confirmed Nov. 18 that Hamme was released on $7,500 bail, with the condition that he have no contact with the victim.

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