York-based alternative-rock band Live has reunited with former lead singer Ed Kowalczyk.

Kowalczyk updated his Facebook profile to read “Lead Singer/Songwriter of Live” and added a photo of himself with the Live logo.

Live’s Facebook page was also updated to include an image of the band featuring Kowalczyk, and the band's Wikipedia entry has added Kowalczyk as lead singer in 2016.

Kowalczyk, Chad Taylor, Chad Gracey and Patrick Dahlheimer formed Live in 1985. All four graduated from William Penn High School in 1989.

Live is best known for its 1994 album "Throwing Copper" and hits including "Lightning Crashes" and "Selling the Drama." In 1996, the group was voted Artist of the Year by readers of Rolling Stone magazine.

The band split up in 2008, although Taylor, Gracey and Dahlheimer have performed with other singers since 2012.

After the breakup, Taylor, Gracey and Dahlheimer, founded United Fiber & Data, a fiber-optic company based in York City.

Along with UFD CEO Bill Hynes, they also run Think Loud Development, a company that is working with UFD on its fiber-optics project.

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