Let the polling begin

York Dispatch

After what seems like the longest election season, York countians trek to the polls to cast their votes. Up for grabs is the presidency and an important state seat which may sway the majority in the U.S. Senate.

Follow impressions from the field with tweets, video and photos from the York Dispatch election team. These will be updated throughout the day and night.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

The polls at Jackson Elementary opened with a line and a bit of a wait this Election Day morning. There were no immediate issues at the polls and voters were excited to complete their civic duty.

York City resident Tracy Asah said she voted for Clinton because she's hoping to see the policies that President Obama worked on continued in the next four years.

York City resident Donald Knaub also voted for Clinton. As a 72-year-old gay man, he wants to see progress for minority groups continue.

"I've followed her career my whole life," Knaub said of Clinton.

Julia and Sacha Porter voted for Trump. They believe the country needs a change from the last four years.

"I don't know if he's the best person, but he's the best choice," Julia Porter said.

As for congress, the two would like to see the elected officials unified, no matter which party has control.

LeRoy Jones, a York City resident, said that he voted for McGinty in the local election, along with Clinton in the national election. The Porters both voted Republican in the local elections as well.

The Judge of Elections for the 15th Ward, Shirley Towles, said this morning's turnout at Jackson K-8 was the largest she's seen in her five years at the post.

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