Pennsylvania Trump fan disrobes online to encourage voting

The Associated Press

KINGSTON, Pa. — A northeastern Pennsylvania woman who says she’s voting for Donald Trump even though she’s a registered Democrat has posted semi-nude photos online to encourage people to vote.

Chelsy Zelasko

WNEP-TV reports the 25-year-old Chelsy Zelasko, of Shavertown, posted the pics on the “Better Than The Weekend” website that promotes events in the Scranton area.

Zelasko uses guns and strategically placed American flags to keep from appearing fully nude in the photos.

She says so many people are afraid to vote or express who they’re voting for because people “instantly jump down your throat about it.”

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She’s hoping the pictures prompt people to more openly support their candidate and vote.

Zelasko says she prefers Trump to Hillary Clinton because of “his views on policy and health care and his overall demeanor.”