York College student reports being raped in dorm room

Liz Evans Scolforo

A York College student has reported to campus safety officers that he was raped in his dorm room two months ago.

The student made the complaint Saturday, according to the school's crime and safety log, which states the alleged rape happened Sept. 5.

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The student, whose name is being withheld by The York Dispatch, discussed the alleged incident on Facebook, including in a video.

"I was raped by a York College campus contracted employee forcibly after I told him multiple times to stop. The rape happen(ed) in my dorm room while I was still a minor," he wrote. "The rapist noted that I was a minor and that if I told anyone I would be expelled from campus."

He also wrote that campus safety officers detained him against his will last weekend, and that being on campus "gives me increase(d) anxiety and panic attacks."

York College spokeswoman Mary Dolheimer said the student wasn't being detained.

Rather, safety officers were trying to make sure he was OK after his parents contacted York College and expressed concern for their son, she said.

With his parents: Dolheimer said the student is no longer on campus.

"He is currently under the supervision and care of his parents and has been for the past day or so," she said on Thursday.

York College President Pamela Gunter-Smith on Wednesday sent a letter to "campus community members" alerting them of the reported sexual assault. The letter was provided to The York Dispatch by York College.

In it, Gunter-Smith wrote that the alleged rapist was a contracted employee "who has been removed from campus."

The college sent the letter to apprise students and staff that York College is taking the allegation seriously, taking appropriate action and "ensuring the safety and health of the students," Dolheimer said.

York College and Spring Garden Township Police are investigating, she confirmed.

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