York-area Democrats had a special visitor over the weekend as "Saturday Night Live" alum Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., made a stop in York County  on Saturday morning.

The senator spoke in a crowded room in the Hillary for York office at 11 E. Market St. in York City.

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Franken addressed the upcoming election, supporting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Democratic Senate candidate Katie McGinty, and he also expressed support for the people volunteering their time for the cause.

Supporters: Franken talked about his election as senator and how a recount was needed to secure his position. He credited his supporters, his volunteers, as key to helping him out, saying they "knocked on doors."

"That's where you come in," Franken said to the crowd.

He said he won the election by 312 votes, and every time he got a vote during the recount, he celebrated. He said that each vote was a door.

"This is the most-effective way to get votes, neighbor-to-neighbor; that's it, we know that," he said. "People tune out the ads by now."

Franken emphasized how important the next week is for the election.

“Many of you have jobs, many of you have families ... ignore them,” he joked.

The visit: Franken also spoke about a few issues during his stop, among them the appointment of a new Supreme Court justice.

“We’ve heard some ridiculous things of late, from Sen. (John) McCain and Sen. (Ted) Cruz ... saying if the Republicans take the Senate that they won't take up any Supreme Court nominees from Hillary,” he said.

"That is crazy," he said, adding that what the country has seen in the past year also has  been crazy.

He said if Clinton wins two terms and the Republicans block all nominations, it would set a bad precedent.

“The result of that could be, in 40 or 50 years, Elena Kagan is the only Supreme Court judge,” he joked.

Franken said Kagan will be in her 90s, saying if she goes, there won't be a Supreme Court.

"If you play this out, you'll see how absurd it is," he said.

After speaking, Franken was swarmed by fans who took pictures with him.

Reaction: Among the roughly 30 visitors was York Democratic Chair Chad Baker. He said in past elections, other senators have come to the York area to campaign.

"The parties — both sides — tend to send their surrogates to the area," he said.

Baker said the election has been long, and when someone like the senator visits the office, it helps.

"When you have somebody like Sen. Franken here ... it energizes the volunteers," Baker said.

State Rep. Kevin Schreiber, D-York City, who was familiar with Franken not only as a senator but as a cast member of "Saturday Night Live," shared similar sentiments.

"To have him come in, rally the troops, so to speak — it's certainly exciting for York," he said.

Franken had visited a fraternity at Penn State the day before and had appearances planned in West Chester and Philadelphia later in the day.

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