Woman shot by neighbor in Spring Garden Township dies

Police shoot man holding knife, say stun gun didn’t stop him

The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA — Philadelphia police say they shot a suicidal knife-wielding man who couldn’t be subdued with a stun gun and who moved toward officers with his weapon.

The 54-year-old man was taken to Temple University Hospital in critical condition late Thursday.

Police say the man was drunk and trying to stab himself in the chest when they arrived and used the stun gun to stop him. Police say the man became agitated and pulled the electric prongs from his body, prompting the officers to retreat to a railed porch.

Lt. John Stanford says the man then slammed his front door, ripping it from the hinges, and advanced toward the officers. He says police stunned the man again, then shot him because he wouldn’t drop the knife.

The officers are on administrative leave.