Debbi Reck, owner of Make Believin' Costumes in York Township, has been operating her business for more than 30 years — or about seven presidential elections.

Candidate Halloween costumes are always big sellers during presidential election years, she said, and this year her store is offering masks and hair for both Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton.

In prior years, Reck said, the best-selling costume was a good indicator of which candidate would win the election. That might not be the case this year, she added, "because we are honestly selling three or four Trump to one Hillary.”

That might be because a costume of Clinton, who's leading Trump in most polls, doesn't take much for people to put together on their own, Reck said.

"It's an easy costume. They can dig around in their closet, find a suit or find a pantsuit," she said.

When asked how the current election season is impacting this year's sales compared to previous election years, Reck noted one thing.

"Well, lack of respect for both candidates is probably the saddest commentary on this whole thing," she said.

Other costumes: Reck said despite the fact that the election season was well underway last year, the store didn't really see a lot of election-related costumes being sold in 2015.

"Last year was kind of more about the superheroes," she said.

And that notion isn't necessarily gone this year. Outside of the presidential candidates, Reck said, she expects the costumes of the Joker and Harley Quinn, from this summer's movie "Suicide Squad," to be their most popular costumes for the holiday.

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