Local cleaning company 'cleaning for a reason'

Margarita Cambest
  • The Mop Ladies, which serves York and Lancaster counties, have joined Cleaning for a Reason.
  • The Texas-based nonprofit matches women battling cancer with owners of local cleaning services and, in turn, the services donate two monthly house cleanings to women battling cancer.

A local cleaning company is putting some purpose behind their scrubbing and dusting this year.

The Mop Ladies serve commercial and residential properties in York and Lancaster counties. The Shiloh-based cleaning service has joined Cleaning for a Reason, a Texas-based nonprofit that matches women battling cancer with owners of local cleaning services. In turn, the services donate two monthly house cleanings to women.

“We want to give back to our community," Mop Ladies co-owner Georgine Stauffer said. “You see these women that need help, and we thought if we were in that situation we’d appreciate the help. The last thing these women want to do is clean their homes.”

Christine Russo, left, and Georgine Stauffer, owners of The Mop Ladies, participate in Cleaning for a Reason. Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016. John A. Pavoncello

Stauffer and Christine Russo co-own the small business.

More than 1,200 professional cleaning companies throughout the United States and Canada pay for membership in Cleaning for a Reason in hopes that the women continue to use the services after their donated sessions are used up. According to its website, the organization has donated more than $6 million in free cleaning services to more than 23,000 women with cancer since 2006.

Stauffer recalled the final months of a friend’s life. She helped clean her home when she was undergoing treatment for cancer, and while the physical help she was providing comforted her friend, it took away from the time the two spent together before she died.

“I wish I could have just spent time with her,” Stauffer said.

Both Stauffer and Russo said the cleanings give the women a chance to spend more time with their families in what are sometimes their final months alive.

“When the girls come back from cleaning and tell us about going to the house, it’s sad,” she said. “It’s a somber situation.”

Some of the patients Mop Ladies help are bed-ridden. Others have lost their hair during treatment, and they’re all fatigued, said Russo. Her employees often come back from the cleanings in tears.

“It’s really an honor to do this in York County,” Russo said.

Mop Ladies is currently serving one client in York but has room for one more. To apply for a free cleaning, visit CleaningforaReason.org.