Chief: VFW's $5K gift will make big change for Lower Windsor

Liz Evans Scolforo, 505-5429/@LizScolforoYD

A gift of more than $5,000 from Hellam Township-area war veterans will allow Lower Windsor Township Police to buy much-needed new equipment, Chief Tim Caldwell said.

"Any time we have an organization in our community that steps up in support of our police department to help ensure the safety of our citizens, we're grateful for that," he said. "We appreciate the support we get from our community."

Kreutz Creek Valley VFW
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Members of Kreutz Creek Valley Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7045 presented a $5,138.12 check to the police department at the Oct. 13 meeting of Lower Windsor Township supervisors, according to the chief. The VFW post is located in Hellam Township.

The money will be used to purchase an ENRADD speed-detection system. ENRADD is short for electronic non-radar device.

The system was created by a Pennsylvania company. According to its website, ENRADD accurately detects the speed of vehicles by placing two small metal bars on the shoulders of roadways, directly across from one another.  The first bar has two transmitters and the second bar has two receivers, according to the company, and the transmitters send two invisible infrared beams of light into the two receivers.

Dramatic change: Caldwell said it's kind of like the VASCAR speed-detection system, but while VASCAR needs 200 feet of road to accurately determine vehicle speeds, ENRADD needs just 3 feet of road. Also, the VASCAR system requires that lines be painted on a road, but ENRADD doesn't, the chief said.

"It will change things dramatically for us," he said.

Officers will be able to do more speed enforcement in areas they previously couldn't, and they also will be able to use the system when partnering with the state Department of Transportation to target aggressive drivers, according to the chief.

The VFW's donation also will pay for the township's nine uniformed officers to be trained in using the system, Caldwell said.

ENRADD speed-detection system
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Plus, he said, there will be enough money left over to buy another Taser for the department. Each Lower Windsor officer carries a Taser on duty, and the new one will be used as a spare, in case a Taser in regular use stops working, he said.

Games of chance: Jerry Neff, quartermaster for Kreutz Creek Valley VFW, said the post donates money every month to nonprofit organizations and public-service agencies.

Donations come from money raised by the VFW's small games of chance, Neff said.

"Anything that benefits the public, that's who we try to donate to," he said, whether that be the local Red Cross, homeless shelters, fire companies or police departments.

Organizations seeking a donation from the Kreutz Creek Valley VFW post must submit a letter and must be in the greater Hellam Township area, according to Neff.

"We just donated to the Hellam (Township) Police Department about a month or so (ago)," he said.

Neff said nonprofit organizations and public-service agencies that would like to request money should send letters to their local VFW posts.

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