Man jailed for 12th shoplifting theft: Bottle of Advil


LANCASTER — A Pennsylvania man has been jailed for stealing a $4.49 bottle of Advil because it marks the 12th time he’s been convicted of shoplifting.

A Lancaster County jury convicted 51-year-old David Springer in June of taking the Advil from a local Giant store last year. Authorities charged Springer with a felony because of his numerous retail theft convictions.

Police say Springer had paid for other items from the store at the time, but he stashed the bottle of painkillers in his pocket during the shopping trip.

Judge Jeffrey Wright says Springer was a threat to society because he continued to steal from stores.

Springer will serve four months in county prison, five months on house arrest, 14 months on parole and three years on probation.

He was sentenced Oct. 4.