Two Yorkers plead guilty to fraud

Christopher Dornblaser

The Office of the Inspector General adjudicated 19 welfare fraud cases involving 15 people in August. Of the 15 people, two were from York County, according to a release from the office.

Michael Rodriguez, 37, of York, pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining $1,324 in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits and $205 in cash assistance, according to the release. Rodriguez was sentenced to two years of probation and must pay restitution in full, as well as court costs, the release states. Additionally, he was disqualified from receiving SNAP benefits for one year and cash assistance for half of a year.

Keishla Sanchez, 24, of York, pleaded guilty to fraudulently obtaining $1,991 in SNAP benefits. She too was sentenced to two years of probation and must pay restitution in full and court costs. She also is disqualified from receiving SNAP benefits for a year, the release states.

Suspected fraud may be reported via the Welfare Fraud Tipline at 800-932-0582 or by visiting the OIG website at

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