Chief: York City roof collapses

Sean Philip Cotter

A work crew escaped injury when a portion of a York City building's roof caved in Monday afternoon, according to York City Fire Chief David Michaels.

A portion of the roof at the back of 30 W. Boundary Ave. in York City collapsed Monday, Sept. 19.

A "small part" of the roof to the rear of 30 W. Boundary Ave. fell in about 12:45 p.m. as a crew working on the building was on lunch break, so no one was inside the structure, the chief said.

"It’s not like the whole building came down," he said.

The Crispus Attucks Association owns the building, he said, and workers from that organization had been trying to rehab the property at the corner of Cooper Place and West Boundary Avenue.

They had all gone to take a lunch break, and someone else noticed that portion of the roof was falling in and called 911, Michaels said.

With no one inside, firefighters cordoned it off and called in Steve Buffington, the city's deputy director of permits, planning and zoning. A city engineer will inspect the property to make further determinations about its structural integrity.

Michaels said the building already had one of the red-and-white X signs on it that indicates to firefighters that the structure is unsound in some way.

"It was in rough shape to begin with," he said.

He noted that anyone trying to do work in a building that could have structural issues should get in touch with the city and get an engineer's professional opinion on it. The Bureau of Permits, Planning and Zoning can be reached at (717) 849-2256.

— Sean Cotter covers York City for The York Dispatch. Contact him or on Twitter at@SPCotterYD.