800 aggressive driving tickets in York County

Christopher Dornblaser, 505-5436/@YDDornblaser
  • 10 different police departments participated in this "wave."
  • They targeted aggressive driving and handed out more than 800 citations.

Between July 6 and Aug. 28, 10 participating York County police departments collaboratively cited more than 800 people for aggressive driving as part of a statewide initiative from the state Department of Transportation.

According to Barbara Zortman, Region 2 aggressive driving coordinator, the departments were chosen to participate because PennDOT crash data showed a high incidence of aggressive driving-related crashes in their respective coverage areas.

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For Region 2, which includes varying departments from York, Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon and Perry counties, 3,085 citations were given out. Of those 3,085 citations, 839 were to drivers in York County.

Aggressive driving: Zortman said the aggressive driving enforcement is done in three waves per year, with each one lasting about six weeks. Each time, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration receives federal funding, which is then given to PennDOT and dispersed among all the municipal departments participating in the initiative. The departments then decide on the amount of coverage they will have only for enforcing aggressive driving. That coverage is done outside of the normal coverage for the department.

“Their eyes are focused on aggressive-driving behaviors,” Zortman said.

According to PennDOT, aggressive driving in Pennsylvania is defined as any violation or combination of a list of 20 state vehicle code violations, ranging from speeding to reckless driving.

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In York: In the county, 897 stops were made, and 839 citations were given out during the stops. Of those, 533 were for speeding violations, according to a release from PennDOT.

Police departments from Carroll Township, Hanover, Hellam Township, Lower Windsor Township, Northern York County Regional, Spring Garden Township, Springettsbury Township, West Manchester Township, York Area Regional and York City all participated during this wave.

Zortman said Route 30, which goes through five jurisdictions, could be a contributor to the high numbers.

"Route 30 definitely accounts for a lot of trouble," she said.

Zortman said the citations given out on the roads could differ depending on where on Route 30 the driver is at the time. She said coming from Lancaster County, many officers would be looking out for people speeding, but that changes as the driver gets further into York County.

“As soon as you hit North Hills ... then you got red-light running all the way out to Kenneth Road,” she said.

Zortman said that officers were stationed near the high-incident areas in their respective jurisdictions. She said often times just the presence of an officer can deter drivers from aggressive behaviors.

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"They're the forefront of prevention, as far as we're concerned," she said.

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