Police: Convicted York child molester peed in holding cell

Liz Evans Scolforo, 505-5429/@LizScolforoYD
  • Dion Everett is accused of failing to register as a child sex offender under the state's Megan's Law.
  • While at his preliminary hearing, he allegedly threatened to kill a York City police officer, police said.
  • Everett then urinated in the corner of his holding cell, charging documents state.

Staffers in the office of York City District Judge Ron Haskell Jr. have simply come to expect the kind of behavior that might make other government workers blanch — or at least knock off early for cocktail therapy.

Regular York Dispatch readers might recall that this is the city magisterial district judge office where staff members have been forced to hang a sign stating money retrieved from undergarments will be refused, as well as a sign educating people that pajama bottoms aren't proper court attire.

So when convicted child molester Dion Everett had a conniption in Haskell's 232 S. George St. office on Aug. 25, these world-weary public servants weren't shocked.

Dion Everett

They were, however, significantly displeased when he urinated in their holding cell.

Also displeased were York City Police officers, who responded by criminally charging Everett for allegedly threatening to kill Officer Tiffany Pitts during his tirade.

Megan's Law charge: Everett, 38, of no fixed address, was brought to Haskell's office Aug. 25 for a preliminary hearing on a charge of failure to comply with sexual-offender registration, which Pitts filed with Haskell on Aug. 10.

Couple performs arresting dance for state troopers

He was escorted into the office about 9:50 a.m. by a state constable, saw longtime York City drug Detective Scott Nadzom in the lobby and yelled, "Yeah, I'm comin' for you b—," according to charging documents.

After being put in the holding cell, he yelled out a comment about the officer performing a sex act on him, documents allege.

Everett's hearing on the alleged Megan's Law violation started about 10:20 a.m., but he continued to be "verbally offensive" in the hearing room, blowing kisses at Pitts, calling her a b— and telling her she should run, according to police.

He then told Pitts, "You're lucky I got on handcuffs cause I (would shoot) you with your own gun in the face. Just to show you I don't give a f— about you," charging documents allege.

His hearing was recorded as a waiver to York County Court, and he was returned to the roughly 6-foot-by-8-foot holding cell, still handcuffed.

Public sex encounter ends in handcuffs - and not fur-lined ones

Holding cell surprise: While in the holding cell, Everett ripped up his court paperwork, threw it on the floor and urinated on both the floor and the paperwork, police allege.

For his alleged tantrum, Everett is charged with making terroristic threats, harassment and disorderly conduct. 

Haskell set bail at $10,000, but the convicted child molester can't be released even if he posts bail because he has no bail on his two separate Megan's Law cases for allegedly failing to register his address with state police.

Haskell has recused himself from the scheduled Sept. 29 preliminary hearing for the terroristic threat case and said he could not comment about what he witnessed in court.

Dion Everett

He did, however, confirm Everett's been before him in court a number of times.

The judge said he was surprised at Everett's outburst.

Everett has so far not retained an attorney, according to court records.

'Part of the job': York City Police Chief Wes Kahley said the best policy in dealing with unruly or belligerent prisoners — and Pitts' reported reaction in this case — is to refuse to take the bait and simply remain blasé.

"If you give them what they're looking for, it's going to escalate. ... Our officers get threatened quite often. It's part of the job," the chief said. "I wish the community could hear the things said to our officers on a regular basis."

Everett's criminal history includes a 1997 guilty plea to statutory sexual assault in a case where the victim was less than 13 years old, according to court records.

He also has twice served prison time, in 2006 and again in 2011, for failing to register with state police as a Megan's Law sex offender, records state.

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