Zogby abuse case heads to trial

Sean Philip Cotter

A former Pennsylvania budget director who resides in Fairview Township will stand trial, a judge ruled, after a hearing in which his wife testified that he had beaten her.

Charles Zogby, 54, of 607 Moores Mountain Road, is charged with simple assault, a second-degree misdemeanor, and harassment, a summary offense.

Zogby served as education secretary and policy director under Gov. Tom Ridge, education secretary under Gov. Mark Schweiker and budget secretary under Gov. Tom Corbett.

Charles Zogby

His wife, Georgina Zogby, testified on Monday in front of district judge Scott Gross that her husband broke her nose and ribs around 7:30 p.m. Aug. 6.

Georgina Zogby said that around that time, she was in her son's bedroom when she heard her husband asking her daughter what had happened to some deli meat he'd recently bought.

She began to head toward the door of the room, she testified, when her husband burst in.

"What did you do with the f—ing lunch meat, you crazy f—ing b—," she testified her husband said to her, before shoving her onto the bed.

Former adviser to three governors Zogby charged with domestic assault

He grabbed her by the neck and pinned her down on the bed, she said, and then punched her multiple times in the nose.

She said her nose was bleeding by the time he stopped, leaving her face and hands bloody.

Officer William Buzzard, the officer dispatched to the scene after Georgina Zogby called police, then testified that when he arrived there, she had blood on her face and hands.

Georgina Zogby testified that she had not been drinking that day up to that point. She has faced alcohol-related legal trouble before: She's been convicted twice of driving drunk, and one of those times led police on a chase. She also has been convicted of shoplifting.

Buzzard testified that he didn't see any signs of alcohol impairment evident in Georgina Zogby during his interactions with her, which spanned about half an hour shortly after the incident, but he also noted that he has no sense of smell. Buzzard did not elaborate.

Georgina Zogby said she initially declined to be taken to the hospital but then went to a physician in the following weeks and was referred to Holy Spirit Hospital, where she was diagnosed with a fractured nose and several broken ribs.

She also testified that her husband had kicked her in the back the week before this incident.

Korey Leslie, Charles Zogby's lawyer, told the media after the hearing that testimony from others who were in the Zogbys' house that night will tell a different story at trial. Georgina Zogby had testified that her daughter and the daughter's boyfriend were in the home at the time.

"This is not a case where Charles Zogby attacked her," Leslie said.

Gross, the district judge, scheduled a formal arraignment before the York County Court of Common Please for Friday, Oct. 7.

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