Police: Retired cop flashed badge during road rage incident

Christopher Dornblaser

A retired Maryland police officer is accused of flashing his old police badge while following a woman during an alleged road-rage incident earlier this month, according to charging documents.

Frank Xavier Fay III, 46, of 3132 King Richards Court in New Salem, is charged with impersonating a public servant, disorderly conduct and reckless driving, according to charging documents filed by West Manchester Township Police.

Police say at about 3 p.m.  Aug. 11, Fay called 911 to report an erratic driver. After that, police were called by a Tammy Lee, who told officers a man, later identified as Fay, was driving behind her and tailgating her, charging documents state.

Lee told authorities that at one point when the man was following her, he held a badge out of his window that she did not recognize, according to police.

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When police spoke to Fay, he said he showed his badge to signal to Lee that he was calling the police, documents state. When police looked into it, they discovered Fay had not been an officer for more than 10 years, according to charging documents.

The incident: Lee told officers she was on Route 30 and passed Fay's Cadillac Escalade as the two of them got into the left turn lane to get onto Route 616. At that point, Fay flashed a star-shaped badge out of his window, police said. She told police she had not seen a badge like that in the area.

When the light turned, the two vehicles turned left, and Fay pulled up on Lee's left, causing them both to hit their brakes, police said. Fay allegedly showed the badge once more and said "Pull the f— over, you're f—ed," documents state.

Lee turned left onto West College Avenue and Fay followed her to Richland Avenue, tailgating the whole time, police said. Lee turned right and called police, and Fay began to back off as they approached a bridge heading into Spring Garden Township, police said. Lee described Fay to the police, documents state.

Police checked Fay's records, and a report from January 2014 showed Fay pointed a gun at someone in another road rage incident in about the same spot, according to charging documents. Police also found that an Escalade was registered to him and involved in the 2014 incident, police said.

Retired cop: According to police, Fay was a police officer for Prince Georges County Police Department but retired in May 2003 because of a job-related disability.

When police spoke to Fay, his story matched Lee's up to the point that they turned onto Route 616. Fay told officers Lee had passed him when they turned and he began to follow her because of her driving, police said.

He said he feared for the safety of his children, who he maintains were in the car with him, police said. Lee told The York Dispatch she didn't see any children in Fay's vehicle.

Fay admitted to showing his badge but denied telling Lee to pull over, documents state.

'Out of his way': When police asked Fay why he would follow Lee for such a long distance while supposedly fearful for his children's safety, Fay said it was "the right thing to do," according to police.

"It should be noted that Fay lives in York New Salem Borough and would have had to go extremely far out of his way to continue to follow Lee," documents state.

When police asked Fay why he keeps getting involved in these incidents, Fay said that in both incidents, both parties had not told the truth, according to documents.

Fay has a preliminary arraignment scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Oct. 25 in front of District Judge Keith Albright.

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