Get Dunkies, feed the hungry

Sean Philip Cotter
  • Dunkin Donuts is donating 50 cents to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank for cups of coffee bought.
  • You have to use the company's app and buy a large cup of hot coffee for the promotion to take effect.

Your daily cup of coffee could help feed hungry families around central Pennsylvania.

Dunkin' Donuts and the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank have teamed up to present the "Roast Hunger" campaign to raise money for the food pantry.

Anyone in central Pennsylvania who's downloaded the free Dunkin Donuts app can get a daily deal for a $1.49 large hot coffee. Every time they use it, Dunkin' Donuts gives 50 cents to the food bank. This drive runs until Aug. 28.

Central Pennsylvania Food Bank

Jennifer Powell, the food bank's director of development, said the group isn't going to know how much has been raised until the end of the month, when the campaign wraps up.

"I know I've been having my large coffee every day, even though it's like 100 degrees outside," she said.

She said this type of campaign works well when a nonprofit is able to find a company to work with; it doesn't require the nonprofit to devote too much time and effort, and people don't have to go much outside their daily routines to take part in it.

Powell laughed when asked about the name of the campaign; she said the food bank and the doughnut chain put their heads together to come up with a pun slogan.

"I'm the queen of kitschy," she said.

Powell said anyone wishing to help out the food bank can get in touch with the organization at or (717) 564-1700.

"The food bank is always in need of volunteers" and food, she said. "Give, advocate and volunteer."

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