Public sex encounter ends in handcuffs — and not fur-lined ones

Liz Evans Scolforo
  • There's never a dull moment for Northeastern Regional Police, who recently broke up a public sex session.
  • Chief Bryan Rizzo said some people really seem to like "public displays of affection."

The spontaneity of young love is something to behold. At least it was for one Northeastern Regional police officer who witnessed such amorous activities while on routine patrol Friday night in East Manchester Township .

The couple's passionate public encounter ended with one of them in handcuffs — and not as part of their spicy sex play.

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A veteran officer, who shall remain nameless, was driving past the intersection of Riverview and Abbey drives about 9:30 p.m. when he saw a young couple engaged in sexual intercourse inside a car, according to Northeastern Regional Police Chief Bryan Rizzo.

The car had simply been pulled alongside the road, the chief said.

"Some people aren't very shy, I'll tell you that," Rizzo said. He confirmed both the 25-year-old York Township woman and the 29-year-old York City man were naked and said they, too, shall remain nameless.

"It's not a busy roadway," Rizzo said. "But even at that time of night, kids could have been riding their bikes past (the car)."

Wanted woman: The officer instructed the couple to get dressed, then checked their IDs and learned the woman had a bench warrant on a summary citation for failing to insure her vehicle, according to the chief.

He handcuffed her, placed her in the back of his cruiser and transferred custody of her to a local state constable for warrant service, Rizzo said.

Couple performs arresting dance for state troopers

The man was allowed to leave, he said.

It's not uncommon for police officers to spot, or receive complaints about, people having public sex in vehicles, according to Rizzo.

"Some people like public displays of affection," he said. "Sometimes it's tough to find a private area in their own home."

And sometimes, he confirmed, the participants are cheating spouses too cheap to spring for a motel room.

No big deal: No matter what the reason, sex in vehicles is nothing new, and police see it somewhat regularly, Rizzo said.

Most officers still get a chuckle out of it, he said.

"We're always happy to see a loving couple," the chief noted — just not quite that loving.

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