Coroner: Cause of death for man found at Penn Waste still undetermined

John Joyce
  • York County Coroner Pam Gay has ruled the cause of death undetermined in the case of the body found at Penn Waste in June.
  • An updated autopsy report released Monday said the manner and cause of death might be changed if more information is obtained.

The cause and manner of death of the man whose body workers uncovered at the Penn Waste Recycling Center in June have both been ruled undetermined, according to an updated autopsy report released by the York County Coroner's Office Monday.

The Northern York County Regional Police Department continues to investigate the death, and if more information can be obtained, the coroner's ruling might then be changed, the report said.


Randall Rich, 59, of Butler County, was last seen alive in York County days before his death. His body was found June 11 on a conveyor belt inside the recycling plant at 3625 Mia Brea Drive in Manchester Township. What happened to Rich between the time he was last seen and the time his body was discovered remains a mystery.

The initial coroner's assessment said that Rich appeared to have been dead "at least for a few days." An autopsy was completed two days later, but toxicology results — which can typically take 60 to 90 days to come back — were not readily available.

Gay's office declined to comment beyond what is contained in the updated report.

According to the report, Rich's body sustained some injuries, "most likely after death," from the equipment used at the recycling plant. No further details about the condition of the body were released, nor were there any new details issued about the toxicology results.

Police continue to seek info about man found dead at Penn Waste

Anyone with information about what Rich was doing in York, what led to his disappearance or what might have killed him is asked to call the Northern York County Regional Police Department at (717) 292-3674 or the York County Coroner's Office at (717) 840-7617.

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