Police: Couple tried to light neighbor on fire

Christopher Dornblaser
  • Police say a Spring Garden Township couple attempted to light their neighbor on fire.
  • The altercation stemmed from Carissa Rodriguez and her neighbor arguing, documents state.
  • Both remain free on $100,000 bail.

A Spring Garden Township couple is accused of throwing gasoline on a man and attempting to set him on fire during a fight.

Carissa Lynn Rodriguez, 23, and Joshua Noel Rodriguez, 25, of 1516 S. George St., Apt. 2, are charged with attempted criminal homicide, conspiracy to commit criminal homicide, aggravated assault and simple assault, according to charging documents.

Joshua Rodriguez

Spring Garden Township Police said they were sent to the couple's apartment about 4 p.m. June 30 for a neighbor problem.

According to police, Carissa Rodriguez, Joshua Rodriguez, their next-door neighbor and the neighbor's boyfriend, Keith Bull, had been involved in an altercation in which Joshua Rodriguez poured gasoline on Bull, and Carissa Rodriguez had attempted to put her lit cigarette on him.

The altercation: Carissa Rodriguez told police that she was sitting on her porch smoking a cigarette when her next-door neighbor approached and began yelling at her over unspecified issues between them.

Carissa Rodriguez claimed she told the neighbor to back up, but the neighbor continued yelling and "got right in her face" and became aggressive, prompting Carissa Rodriguez to punch her, documents state.

The neighbor told police she was not being aggressive, only speaking her mind, when Carissa Rodriguez hit her, police said.

Both began fighting, police said, and at some point Joshua Rodriguez threw gasoline on Bull. Joshua Rodriguez told police he felt threatened by Bull, claiming Bull was yelling threats at him, police said. Joshua Rodriguez said they had had issues in the past, and he threw gas on Bull to protect himself and his wife, according to documents.

When police arrived, Bull's clothes were still wet and smelled of gasoline.

Carissa Rodriguez

Bull told police he had heard arguing and went to see what was happening. As he rounded a corner, he was doused in the face and head with a McDonald's cup full of gas, causing burning to his face, eyes and head, police said.

While Bull was fighting with Joshua Rodriguez, Bull and the neighbor said, Carissa Rodriguez attempted to put her cigarette on Bull's  neck, but she broke the cigarette in the process, police said. The neighbor said she pulled Carissa Rodriguez away from Bull before she could touch him.

Carissa Rodriguez denied trying to put her cigarette on Bull, documents state.

The broken cigarette was lying on the porch when police arrived, documents state.

All four showed signs of injuries, according to police.

The responding officer conferred with the York County District Attorney's Office before filing the charges.

Carissa Rodriguez and Joshua Rodriguez remain free after posting $100,000 bail each.

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