Viral photo: Dad sleeps under son's crib at York Hospital

Katherine Ranzenberger, 505-5439/@YDKatherine

After working all night at his job, a York-area man went to York Hospital Pediatrics to spend time with his son. 

A Facebook photo of a man sleeping under his son's crib at York Hospital has gone viral on social media.

Amy Palmer shared the photo of her husband asleep under their son's crib in the pediatric center on Facebook Tuesday. The photo has been shared more than 360 times and has more than 4,000 likes and reactions.  

"This is a picture of a hard working man dedicated to his family!!" Amy Palmer wrote in the post. "After working all night third shift, he's right here with his son who is in the hospital. He's so tired but he's here!! Father of the year award goes to Andre Palmer!!! I love you more than words baby." 

Amy Palmer posted early Thursday, saying her husband was selfless in his act. She said he had just dropped their daughter off at day care and came to be with the rest of the family. 

"He could have went home after work, he could have asked me to get up," she wrote in another update on Facebook. "He was literally exhausted himself! I didn't leave him there, I quickly got him up into the bed/chair I was sleeping in, but not before taking the picture that I felt spoke volumes about the good person, husband, and father he truly is."

About the photo going viral, Amy Palmer said she was amazed at the support she and her family have received via social media. 

"I would have never imagined that it would have touched so many people," she wrote. 

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