There's no shame in not being able to take on the 18-inch cheesesteak by yourself.

It's usually something maybe two people would split at The SteakOut in WestSide Cafe. But one brave brave soul seems to have conquered the foot and a half of meat.

"Yeah, we have one guy," said Gevena Sease, the daughter of Anthony Sease, the new restaurant's owner.

The 18-inch is just one of the three lengths of cheesesteak sub available at The SteakOut, which opened Monday at 594 W. King St. Patrons can also get 6- and 12-inch version.

The establishment, which moved into the building where Norma's Restaurant long sat before closing last year, is open every day for breakfast and lunch, 8 a.m. until 3 p.m., according to Anthony Sease, who's a pastor at the nearby New Covenant Community Church.

The eatery serves traditional breakfast fare, including eggs, homefries and omelets, as well as burgers, various sandwiches, fried fish and, of course, the  cheesesteaks.

To start up the restaurant, Sease teamed up with Robert Bryant, who manned the grill Wednesday morning as Sease talked about their establishment and joked with customers. Bryant used to sell this kind of food at a stand at Central Market, he said.

"He's a cheesesteak man," Sease said.

Those "authentic" steaks — which have meat Sease said comes from a supplier in Philadelphia — are the restaurant's hook.

"You need something that draws people to your place," Sease said.

So far, lunch has been the hot time for the restaurant; Sease said it's when there are the most people walking around the area, which is in the city's west end, across the street from Lincoln Charter School.

"There's a lot of traffic," he said.

Sease said they've been keeping track of how many people are around after the restaurant closes, too. It's quite a few, so he expects to extend his hours after a little while, he said.

The restaurant's phone number is 654-4628, and it has a Facebook page.

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