York County Heritage Trust unveils new branding

Sean Philip Cotter
  • The York County Heritage Trust unveiled a new name and logo Thursday.
  • The organization is now called the York County History Center.

Get to know the York County History Center.

The organization formerly known as the York County Heritage Trust has a new name and logo, which the group unveiled Thursday evening.

The York County History Center, formerly the York County Heritage Trust,  had old items for display at the event unveiling its new branding.

Joan Mummert, the organization's president and CEO, said the change in branding helps clarify the center's message.

"We learned that our old name didn't have a whole lot of meaning to people," she said. "People thought we were a bank," or that they managed the York County Heritage Rail Trail, or did who knows what else around the county, Mummert said.

This makes it more obvious, she said.

And the logo is new, too, she said. It's sort of a Y-shape formed by negative space, with lines running through it. The design actually comes from the criss-crossing planks on the side of the Golden Plough Tavern, flipped upside down. It looks like an intersection, and it's a Y for York, of course, Mummert said, so the organization is pleased with the multiple interpretations possible.

York's historical trust to unveil new brand

The organization decided last year to take steps to sell off many of its properties, bringing most of its operations under one roof. The new center will be part of a campus that includes nearby historical attractions.

The organization's new digs are in the former Met-Ed steam plant on the corner of West Philadelphia Street and North Pershing Avenue. History center officials unveiled several new banners on the side of the building.

The campus includes the former plant and the existing Colonial Complex that comprises the Colonial Court House, Golden Plough Tavern, the adjoining General Gates House and a fourth building near the intersection of North Pershing Avenue and West Market Street.

The  plan is that the center will sell its East Market Street buildings and its Agricultural and Industrial Museum on West College Avenue. The sale of the museum, which will be used to house artifacts in the meantime, likely won't happen until 2025.

The York County Heritage Trust  is now called the York County History Center.

The center bought the old steam plant last year for $1.75 million, and renovations are expected to cost $12 million. The buildings are rented out to other organizations for the time being, and no work is slated to begin until 2018. The organization hopes to occupy the space in 2020, Mummert said.

Corresponding with their brick-and-mortar change, the website's new, too:

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