A Warrington Township woman's vandalized front porch likely resembled the aftermath of a Gallagher performance at an all-you-can-eat spaghetti fest.

State police said that overnight Monday, mischief-makers struck at the Old York Road home of a 47-year-old woman.

They threw a small watermelon at her front-door steps, smashing it — but it was no regular watermelon, according to Trooper Rob Hicks, a state police spokesman.

The melon was stuffed with SpaghettiOs, police said, and left quite a mess on her porch.

The prank is a bit more imaginative than the last time vandals left their mark on her home.

"Somebody threw whoopie pies at her front porch over a year ago," Hicks said.

He said police don't believe this week's mischief is related to the whoopie-pie affair and described it as random and isolated.

The woman's porch wasn't damaged, Hicks said, and there are no suspects, "just a mess."

The motive is unknown, he said.

Asked for details on the fruit/pasta mashup, Hicks said vandals likely partially hollowed out the small melon, then poured in the SpaghettiOs.

Anyone with information about the culinarily challenged culprits is asked to call state police at (717) 428-1011.

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