Big Idea Saturday returning to York City

Sean Philip Cotter, 505-5437/@SPCotterYD
  • The June 25 event is free to attend.

For the second year in a row, the general public is invited to come to downtown York City for "Big Idea Saturday."

Big Idea Saturday

The events are scattered throughout both the day and the downtown area. The overarching theme is "what's next," said Kelley Gibson, the communications director for the Cultural Alliance of York County, which is organizing the day's events. 

One example is a walking tour that'll visit some of the upcoming and current economic development projects near the middle of town, she said. There are also art exhibits at galleries such at The Parliament and The Rooted Artist Collective, and exhibits about AIDS at Albemarle Park.

"We try to use as many spaces and places as we can," she said.

The events are all free to attend, but registration is required. Go to impactartsconference.org to view a full schedule and to register.

The day is part of the alliance-organized, three-day Impact Culture and Arts Conference held that Thursday through Saturday. The first two days are more technical, attended mostly by economic development directors and educators from the region, Gibson said. The conference is in its third year, and the first two days, which are held at York College, have somewhat of a focus on professional development, so they aren't as geared toward the general public.

That's why last year the alliance added a public-facing day on Saturday — to extend the themes of the conference to the people who live where it's held, Gibson said.

The Saturday collection of events is kind of modeled after the "ideas week" events some bigger cities host, she said.

"We condensed ours down to a day ... of big, different, cool ideas,” she said.

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