Yorkers flock to 'Pickers' auction

Christopher Dornblaser

Fans of "American Pickers" and local auction enthusiasts were in for a treat Saturday at the Good Old Boy Country Auctions in Manchester Township.

Locals got the chance to bid on items passed up by the stars of the History cable channel show "American Pickers" last summer.

"American Pickers" follows two antique collectors as they go around the country seeking items. In August 2015, the cast visited the auction house and picked what they wanted. That episode aired in December.

On Saturday, Good Old Boys owner Bob Sholly began auctioning off what the staff had not purchased, and he continued to do so on Monday.

"They didn't see half of it," Sholly said.

Auction: About 50 people showed up Saturday morning to bid or just to see what all the fuss was about. The items included old toasters, signs, fans and even milk bottles.

Sholly was selling many items on the first floor of the building, the old Locust Lane Mill building. He started collecting things and putting them in there after he bought the mill 15 years ago.

He said he expects roughly 300 people to come out to the auction over both days.

"These people will come back," Sholly said.

James Raab, of Emigsville, studies an apple press during the Good Old Boy Country Auctions on Saturday, May 28, 2016, in Manchester Township. Amanda J. Cain photo

Curiosity: Jim Adomis, of Lower Windsor Township, a fan of "American Pickers" and a collector for more than 50 years, said he wasn't there to bid on Saturday.

Instead, he was looking at the collection of various items, including a bell holder, a fence stretcher and an air compressor — all items that were to be auctioned off Monday.

"There's a lot of one-of-a-kind merchandise you don't see every day," he said.

Paul and Ruth Frank, of West Manchester Township, also fans of "American Pickers," showed up just to see what was going on.

"We came out of curiosity, nothing else," Paul Frank said.

Ruth Frank said they don't typically go to auctions, but as fans of the show they had planned on coming Saturday. Paul said he had heard the show's cast might be showing up.

"I want to see them pull up in that van," he said.

Dave Farish, of Springettsbury Township, came to the auction with his wife and daughter. Like the Franks, Farish said he does not normally go to auctions, but as a fan of the show, he decided to come out.

"We said, 'We've got to come,'" he said.

Farish said he is a fan of automobiles, so he was on the lookout for any old signs or parts. About an hour in, he had bid on and won a model car and a "cars will be towed" sign that he intends to hang in his garage.

Jim Gink, of Lancaster, returns to his seat after purchasing two milk boxes for $5 each at the Good Old Boy Country Auctions on Saturday, May 28, 2016, in Manchester Township. Amanda J. Cain photo

"If there's something interesting, we'll bid on it," he said.

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