Garden-party tour highlights York City's Springdale neighborhood

Sean Philip Cotter
  • The Springdale Garden Party Tour costs $10 in advance, or $12 the day of.
  • The event will be held Saturday, June 4.

The residents of York City's Springdale neighborhood want you to come hang out in their backyards next weekend.

The Springdale Garden Party Tour will feature 10 local gardens around the southeastern city neioghborhood from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, June 4, according to Victoria Connor, the president of the Springdale neighborhood association.

Tickets ordered in advance on the tour's Eventbrite page cost $10; tickets also will be available the day of the tour, at which point they will cost $12.

Whether people buy the tickets in advance or not, everyone attending has to go to the triangle-shaped intersection Newlin, Arlington and Merion roads in the center of the neighborhood, which sits more or less between South George and South Queen streets south of East Jackson Street.

At that intersection, they'll get a brochure that'll act as their entry passes to all the gardens, providing information about the neighborhood and each garden party.

"Each garden is also showcasing a specific theme," said Connor, whose garden is one of the 10 on the tour. Hers is art — artists from The Rooted Art Collective will be painting, someone will be sculpting and the garden has several pieces of art in it.

There's a range of other motifs among the other gardens. One's more or less a pool party, one focuses on farm-to-table food growing, and another has an "Alice in Wonderland" theme, she said.

"It’s just really to showcase the gardens in the Springdale historic district," she said.

Some folks from Pedi Cabs, a transportation service in which cyclists taxi people around downtown, will also be there, helping shuttle people from home to home, Connor said. There's also going to be a bake sale and lemonade stand, she said.

The proceeds of the tour go to the neighborhood association and the city's Bring On Play initiative, in this case for work on the playground in the nearby Veterans Memorial Park.

Connor said the neighborhood association hopes to use some of the money it raises to create some sort of branding initiative in the neighborhood. The WeCo — West of Codorus — and Royal Square neighborhoods have banners on their telephone poles adding some character and continuity to the neighborhood; Connor said her association isn't sure what it wants to do, but it wants to come up with something with a similar effect for the tree-lined Springdale neighborhood.

If the event is rained out, it'll be held at the same times and places the next day.

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