Woman accused of hitting flagger charged

Christopher Dornblaser

A York Township woman accused of hitting a flagger and fleeing on Wednesday has been charged.

Stephanie Anne Eyler, 32, of 3 Kings Arms, is charged with accidents involving death or personal injury, failing to stop and give info or render aid, failure to notify police of the accident and careless driving, according to charging documents.

Facebook: After York Area Regional Police released news about the incident, they found that Eyler had posted on Facebook about damage to her car.

"Apparently someone thought it was cute to take off my passenger side mirror while I was in at Weis without leaving as much as a note. Yeah I had to leave to pick my mom up at the doctors going to go back and ask," police allege Eyler wrote on her Facebook.

Police say she posted a picture of her broken mirror as well.

"Scared": When police spoke with her at her boyfriend's house, they say she became frightened.

According to police, Eyler said she thought she hit a cone. She told officers she stopped and checked her right outside mirror and it was hanging by wires from the side of her car, documents state.

She said she took the mirror off and put it in her car, adding that she saw two workers looking at her, but since they did not say anything to her, she drove off, police said.

When speaking to police she admitted posting on Facebook was stupid on her part, and when she was asked why she thought she hit a cone if her mirror was hanging off, police say she said, "I did not mean to hurt anyone."

Police say she admitted she was scared of getting in trouble when asked why she did not stop and give her information.

Police make arrest after hit-and-run suspect posts to Facebook

The incident: The flagger, Jose Salinas, was struck by a car about 1 p.m. Wednesday in the 2900 block of Cape Horn Road in Windsor Township, police said. Witnesses told police that a small, maroon, four-door car heading north veered off the coned traffic way and struck the flagman, knocking him to the ground.

He remembered being hit by the passenger-side mirror, causing it to hang off the car, police said. Salinas was taken to Memorial Hospital with minor injuries.

Eyler remains free on $5,000 bail.

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