Prosecutor: Shooting victims were 'sitting ducks'

Christopher Dornblaser

Jordan Breeland and Davon Brown were "sitting ducks" when Elvin Mateo Jr. allegedly fired at them, killing Breeland and hitting Brown, prosecutors told jurors Tuesday afternoon.

Elvin Matteo Jr.

"It had to have been chaos," said senior deputy prosecutor Sarah Buhite.

The first-degree murder trial for Mateo, 22, and co-defendant Durell Cotton Jr., 20, began Tuesday with Buhite telling jurors the vehicle driven by Cotton that Mateo allegedly shot from only had one window shot out, whereas the Breeland and Brown's vehicle had multiple windows that were up, broken from gunshots.

The two are charged in the shooting death of Breeland on Oct. 15, 2013.

Buhite told the jurors the events that had transpired on that day, showing them the location of the shooting on a map.

The shooting: Breeland, 21, and Brown, then 19, of Harrisburg, were shot in the 200 or 300 block of West Gay Avenue. Brown was driving a brown SUV when Cotton and Mateo pulled up, Buhite said.

Authorities said Breeland, who had survived being shot in the stomach two years before in what police said was another apparent gang beef, was shot in the chest and died a short way away from the scene, in the 100 block of Jefferson Avenue. He was found alone in the car.

Brown was shot in the hand and later showed up at York Hospital for treatment, arriving in another private car, police said.

Durell Cotton Jr.

Police said at the time that the shooting was gang related, a clash between the city's Southside and Parkway gangs, of which Breeland was believed to be a member.

Mateo and Cotton are believed to have been members of the Southside gang.

Shots: Buhite told jurors the vehicle the Mateo and Cotton had taken that day — a red SUV — was borrowed from a drug user in exchange for drugs, and when it was recovered, officials found gunshot residue. She said a gun found when the two were apprehended matched the bullets found in the vehicle that the two allegedly shot at.

But that residue does not prove the first-degree murder charges beyond a reasonable doubt, the defense told jurors.

"That's not going to come from a gunshot expert," said defense attorney Richard Robinson.

Robinson said that in Breeland and Brown's vehicle, investigators found a receipt from Dick's Sporting Goods for bullets, and gunshot residue was found in their car as well.

"Jordan Breeland had gunshot residue on him," he said.

Robinson said trial evidence could lead to finding out who shot first during the encounter.

Witness: The prosecution told jurors that Cotton and Mateo told people they were involved in the shooting.

"Durell Cotton said he was driving the car," Buhite said.

Robinson said that one of the prosecution's witnesses, Raymond Bruno-Carrasquillo, had many warrants out for him and could face jail time. Robinson said according to his math, Bruno-Carrasquillo could get more than 100 years in prison for his charges.

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He said Bruno-Carrasquillo was charged with many things over the past few years, including drug and assault charges.

"He's going to tell them what they want to hear," he said.

The trial will resume Wednesday.

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