Rain every day, but not that much overall for York

John Joyce

Recent rainfall and cooler than average conditions have left many York County residents wondering when spring is going to start to feel like spring.

LOGO cloudy

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service said Wednesday, however, that the amount of rainfall in the lower Susquehanna region over the last 30 days has been "pretty close" to average.

Warning coordinator meteorologist Peter Jung said that York County has received an average of 4 inches of rain in the last calendar month, only three tenths above the annual average for this time of year.

The perception might be that more precipitation has fallen over the area recently, but that is because of the events have been sporadic, he said.

"Instead of there being one or two big events, we have seen a little bit of rain day by day," Jung said.

The consecutive days with overcast conditions and some amounts of rainfall have been accompanied by lower than normal temperatures for this late in the season, but again, the perception is worse than the reality, the data showed.

"We're just kind of in weather pattern," Jung said. "Sometimes weather patterns change, and sometimes they get locked up. We have sort of been locked into a cooler weather pattern for the last couple of weeks or so."

Jung does not expect conditions to vastly improve in the coming week, with the highest temperatures to come Thursday before cooling off again the remainder of the week and into the weekend.

"Looking at the long-range forecast, it doesn't look like a warmup is in store. We should be in the 70s (Thursday), with highs touching the low to mid-60s for the next week," he said.